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If you thought you saw the ivy and branches move don’t second guess yourself….You did! One of the most admired characters inside the Animal Kingdom is DiVine. She’s green, walks on stilts, and is wrapped in leaves and ivy to camouflage herself into the rest of the park’s foliage. DiVine entertains guests and crowds on a daily basis with her contortions, unpredictable movements, and sheer beauty. She was brought to Disney’s Animal Kingdom not too long after the park opened in 1998. DiVine is a mystical character.  You can’t really notice her when she is standing still next to a tree or bush.  When she crosses a pathway you can’t miss her.  When she is discovered she quickly draws a crowd.

DiVine at Disney’s Animal Kingdom (2007)

Watch this incredible “living vine” at Disney’s Animal Kingdom (2007) as she surprises guests passing by.

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