Added by BigFatPanda on 07-14-2013

DiVine or DeVine as some call her roams the lush foliage at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.
It would be easy to walk by and not notice this beautiful living imagery – but just another reason why should stop and smell the roses. You never know what you may encounter and what feelings may be evoked.

DiVine LIVING TREE walks amongst guests at Disneys Animal Kingdom

Running Time: 01:50

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  • Lynda Katzen

    Wow, that is really amazing, i have never seen her and I have been to animal kingdom many times before.

  • Susana Suarez

    Awesome she looked great.

  • Lori Bohner

    I LOVED her! Stayed at Disney many times, it wasn’t until this year when I worked at Hollywood Studio’s did I have the awesome opportunity to finally see her. It was worth the wait, I squealed like a little girl!