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Escape from Tomorrow is a 2013 American fantasy-horror film, the debut film of writer-director Randy Moore, and the controversial feature film shot secretly at Walt Disney World(and without permission from The Walt Disney Company).

Randy Moore’s Escape from Tomorrow starts out, common enough, as a family embarks on a trip to Walt Disney World. Once there, however, the father learns that he’s lost his job. He decides not to tell his wife and kids just yet, preferring to just enjoy the vacation while it lasts. However, as the day goes on, he descends into a nightmarish spiral of paranoia and obsession.

It stars Roy Abramsohn as a man having increasingly disturbing experiences and visions during the last day of a family vacation to the Walt Disney World theme park. It premiered in January at the 2013 Sundance Film Festival and on April 20, 2013, it was shown at Roger Ebert’s 15th annual film festival in Champaign, Illinois, where the film was hand selected by Roger Ebert just weeks before his death. The festival’s program claims the film is “ultimately about the terror of ubiquitous entertainment.”

Escape From Tomorrow enters theaters and VOD on October 11. For more information read the article on My Take On Disney!


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