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Part 1 of 2 – Feb 2013

Hollywood Studios Backlot Tour – Part 1Harbor Attack!

Thrill to a live effects demonstration of an exciting sea battle where you could be the star.

Make your way to a canopied observation deck to watch a live show and discover firsthand how raging sea battles are filmed and edited to become the unforgettable scenes audiences love.

The show begins when pre-selected audience participants are filmed responding to a staged air and sea attack, complete with fiery explosions and water bursts. The recorded footage is then quickly edited and presented on monitors with additional battle footage and dialogue to make the scenes appear real—just like how actual movies are made!

Wanna Be a Star?

If you want to take part in the Harbor Attack demonstration and experience firsthand what it’s like to work with special effects, be sure to arrive at this attraction early and let a Cast Member know you’d like to participate. Please note that due to space limitations not all requests can be granted.

Tram Tour to Catastrophe Canyon

After the show, embark on a breezy tram tour of the backlot, home to props, production houses and Catastrophe Canyon.

Wander a prop warehouse where you just may recognize a few familiar items made famous in the movies. Then board an open-air, 200-seat tram for a fascinating narrated tour of Disney’s Hollywood Studios backlot.

During your tram tour, snap pictures of lifelike set pieces seen in famous television shows and movies, and view various production bungalows and vehicles.

Popular sites you may see include:
•Earful Tower
•Disney Hollywood Studios Creative Costuming
•The Boneyard (featuring vehicles from such films as Herbie, the Love Bug and Who Framed Roger Rabbit?)
•The backstage area to Lights, Motors, Action! Extreme Stunt Show

Visit a Movie Set
Take a detour to Catastrophe Canyon, meticulously designed to look like a rocky gorge populated by fuel and water tanks. As you make your way across a rickety bridge, brace yourself as the ground unexpectedly begins to shake, fireballs shoot from the fuel tanks, and water gushes down the side of the mountain and above you.

American Film Institute Showcase

After you visit Catastrophe Canyon, wrap up your backlot trip with a walking tour of the American Film Institute Showcase, which includes revolving exhibits—and even more one-of-a-kind treasures—relating to special effects in motion pictures.

The current exhibit is entitled Villains: Movie Characters You Love to Hate and features props, drawings and life-size figures from both the Star Wars and The Pirates of the Caribbean movies, in addition to others.

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