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A ride through Monsters, Inc. Mike & Sulley to the Rescue! ride attraction at Disney California Adventure at the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California. It opened January 22, 2006 with a grand Sully-Blue-Fur Carpet Premiere. The ride follows, very closely, the story of the film.

The queue area, where guests wait to board the attraction, is themed to a bus station named the Monstropolis Transit Authority, featuring posters and videos of commercials of tourist spots in the fictional city of Monstropolis where the film is set.

Guests board taxis on a journey through the streets of Monstropolis. A small television monitor in each of the three rows of the ride vehicle plays a clip of a tourism video that is interrupted with urgent news that a female human child named Boo has been seen in the city. The news is the subject of consternation as contact with humans is considered deadly to the monsters of the city.

Sulley & Boo - Monsters Inc ride at California Adventure

Sulley & Boo

The taxis exit a tunnel through a detour from the welcoming gate and go down the dark streets of the city, passing characters Mike and Celia in Mike’s new car as Mike wishes her a happy birthday. Guests proceed to see Randall (the archenemy chameleon-like character), who looks angry.

Following are news reporters interviewing monsters frightened by alleged encounters with the human, Boo. Sulley pops up from an alley holding Boo, looking to see if the coast is clear. The taxis drive into Harryhausen’s sushi joint, where frantic monsters run around as Celia screams angrily at Mike and Sulley who are running across the way.

The taxis enter the Monsters, Inc. factory and are nearly cleansed by the CDA (the Child Detection Agency) that fall from nowhere and take pictures. A few workers walk by and the taxis enter the boys’ locker room where Mike appears scared and worried again while Sulley waits for Boo to use the restroom. Randall appears then disappears in a nearby corner.

Sulley Knocking - Monsters Inc Ride

Sulley Knocking on bathroom door

In a giant room where teleportation devices (closet doors) are hanging in storage dry-cleaner-rack style, the guests again see Randall who threatens to destroy Boo’s door, preventing her return home, but Mike and Sulley find it again. Boo beats up Randall with a bat, changing his colors as the taxis are passed by hundreds of flying doors. Various doors open showing various monsters like the Abominable Snowman or the character George.

Mike and Sulley say goodbye to Boo as the taxis exit into the factory main lobby. CDA members cleanse exiting guests as a cameraman films them. A giant audio animatronic of Roz remarks on the passing guests (Sometimes singling out the riders by the row they’re in. ie -“You guys in the third row! I’m watching you. I’m always watching!”).

Roz - Monsters inc Ride

Roz – “I’m watching you. I’m always watching!”

Time: 03:23

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