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This episode of Once Upon a Time in Wonderland reveals thru flashbacks how Alice and Cyrus fell in love. While we learn of the distrust between the Red Queen and Jaffar. Also we learn the Knave can’t swim, and are introduced to the water fairy… Silvermist!
Silvermist the Water fairy in Wonderland
Season 1  Episode 2 | Aired on 10/17/2013 | TV-PG | Time: 43:02 | © ABC Studios | Thursdays 8:00pm/7:00pm c
Once Upon a Time in Wonderland

Once Upon a Time in Wonderland

From the creators of “Once Upon a Time” comes a fantastical, epic adventure that offers an exciting new twist on the classic “Alice in Wonderland” story. In Victorian England, Alice tells an impossible tale of a strange new land that exists on the other side of a rabbit hole. Alice seems ready to put it all behind her, especially the painful memory of the genie she fell in love with and lost forever, but in her heart Alice knows this world is real. Just in the nick of time The Knave of Hearts and White Rabbit arrive to save her from her fate. Together the trio will take a tumble down the rabbit hole to a Wonderland where nothing is impossible.

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