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Ross Lynch and Maia Mitchell perform the Surf’s Up number in Teen Beach Movie!Surf's Up - Teen Beach Movie - Music Video

Teen Beach Movie  is a Disney Channel Original Movie, premiered July 19, 2013, on the Disney Channel, starring Ross Lynch and Maia Mitchell. The story centers around the main characters and their mutual favorite beach musical film, which is set in the 1960s.

Below are the Lyrics for Surf’s Up:

Lyrics for Surf's Up - Teen Beach Movie

Click to Enlarge Image – with the Lyrics for Surf’s Up

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  • My Take On Disney

    The Lyrics to Surf’s Up are now below the video enjoy!

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    Nariya 5 years ago

    it puased on every backflip

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      Sorry to here that you are having issues with viewing the video. Just reviewed it an had not issues, also had two others techs, view it from different locations and they reported no issues, it may be a buffer issue, a download speed of your internet provider, or memory / process issue in windows?