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Mickey Mouse in New York Weenie

Added by Disney Tube 5 years ago

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Mickey Mouse chases an elusive hot dog through New York's Central Park.

Mickey Mouse in Croissant de Triomphe

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When Minnie's cafe runs out of croissants, Mickey Mouse must deliver them to her fast, fighting wild traffic and other obstacles across Paris!

Mickey Mouse In Vietnam

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Mickey Mouse In Vietnam -- There is no sound accompanied with this video and there never has been. In 1968, Milton Glaser and Whitney Lee Savage (he was Adam Savage from Mythbusters late father) made a very short, ...

Unfortunate Toy Soldier Incident Caught on Camera

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And They All Fall Down... Unfortunate Incident' Caught on Camera: Look away now kids!  Hysterical moment a toy soldier falls over at the Magic Kingdom -- and loses his head. A Magic Kingdom parade turned to horro...

Mickey Mouse in Yodelberg

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Mickey Mouse in Yodelberg - a Cartoon Short A precarious avalanche threatens to put an end to Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse yodeling duet.  What happens next, well you will just have to sit back and enjoy this Disn...

Mickey Mouse in No Service

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Mickey Mouse in No Service a Cartoon Short Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck run into trouble when they don't meet the clothing requirements in Goofy's beach-side snack shack but are turned down because of the classic "...

Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse Greet Guests in Pajamas

Added by WDWNT 5 years ago

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While trying to record some video of Mickey and Minnie during the Monstrous Summer All-Nighter, a cast member is curious about my recording equipment and records some fairly comical clips inside Town Square Theater at...

Disney Magic on Parade! Premiere – Disneyland Paris 20th Anniversary HD

Added by dlrpmagicvideo 6 years ago

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Disney Magic on Parade!, a new refreshed parade for the 20th Anniversary of Disneyland Paris, bursts onto Main Street, U.S.A. for the first time in its official press premiere at 3pm on 31st March 2012. Featuring two ...

Hit Group Jabbawockeez Dance with Mickey Mouse – Video

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The Jabbawockeez, winners of the first America’s Best Dance Crew TV show, were at Walt Disney World on vacation recently. The park decided to hook them up with Mickey Mouse to trade some dance moves. Of course, Disney...

The Opry House 1929 – Mickey Mouse Piano Solo

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The Opry House 1929 - Mickey Mouse Piano Solo This is a short clip from an early b&w Mickey Mouse cartoon called "The Opry House". It shows the first time in an animated film where the "Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2...

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