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DiVine LIVING TREE walks amongst guests at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Added by BigFatPanda 5 years ago

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DiVine or DeVine as some call her roams the lush foliage at Disney's Animal Kingdom. It would be easy to walk by and not notice this beautiful living imagery - but just another reason why should stop and smell the ro...

How to Get a Job at Pixar

Added by Disney Tube 5 years ago

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Are you looking to get into animation or for a top job at Pixar? Well the makers of Monsters University offer advice on how to get work at Pixar or any animation studio, talking storytelling and collaboration. So i...

Unfortunate Toy Soldier Incident Caught on Camera

Added by Disney Tube 5 years ago

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And They All Fall Down... Unfortunate Incident' Caught on Camera: Look away now kids!  Hysterical moment a toy soldier falls over at the Magic Kingdom -- and loses his head. A Magic Kingdom parade turned to horro...

animal husbANTry – A.N.T. Farm

Added by Disney Channel 5 years ago

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Chyna wants a baby puppenoala, a cross between a puppy, kitten and koala, but can she prove she is responsible enough to have one? Watch the hit series A.N.T. Farm on the Disney Channel! Time: 01:35

Land Before Swine – Gravity Falls

Added by Disney Channel 5 years ago

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Episode: Land Before Swine Dipper and Moos set a trap to take a picture, can you imagine the ways that can go wrong?  To see what else happens watch Gravity Falls on the Disney Channel! Time: 01:42

Punch Dumped Love – JESSIE

Added by Disney Channel 5 years ago

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Episode: Punch Dumped Love Check out Ravi getting destroyed on the Dodgeball floor as Luke shows off his moves and flirts! For more just watch Disney Channel's hit show JESSIE Time: 01:05

Mack’s Story – On The Set of Teen Beach Movie

Added by Disney Channel 5 years ago

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Go behind the scenes with Maia Mitchell, on the set of Teen Beach Movie, the new original movie Teen Beach Movie only on the Disney Channel!

Opposites Attract It Up – Shake It Up

Added by Disney Channel 5 years ago

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Episode: Opposites Attract It Up James has a crush on CeCe and she doesn't believe it, I wonder what she will do next. Watch and find out on Shake It Up this week on the Disney Channel! Time: 01:43

Rat-A-Teddy – Good Luck Charlie

Added by Disney Channel 5 years ago

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Episode: Rat-A-Teddy Teddy Duncan decides to have a sleepover at PJ's apartment, an Bob Duncan is reminded that Charlie is too Smart! Watch the fun on Good Luck Charlie on the Disney Channel! Time: 02:11

Rafael Nadal celebrates French Open victory at Disneyland Paris

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After beating David Ferrer in the French Open final on Sunday, Rafael Nadal greets fans at Disneyland Paris on Monday alongside Sulley, from Monsters Inc. Rafael Nadal, who has recovered from a serious injury, says he...

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