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99 Baby Sea Turtles for Tour de Turtles Mom at Disney’s Vero Beach Resort

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It's a boy . . . and a girl . . . and another boy . . . and another girl! Well, we don't know exactly how many boy and girls there were (did you know that the sex of a baby sea turtle is determined by the temperature ...

New Giraffe Ventures out on the Kilimanjaro Safaris Savanna

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Mosi, the newborn Masai giraffe, that we introduced to the world after his birth in captivity, ventured out with his mother on the Kilimanjaro Safaris savanna for the first time at Animal Kingdom, Walt Disney World. ...


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I Love Roller Coasters like Expedition Everest but I dislike "carnival" types like Primeval Whirl. Something about the way the track bends (I know it's supposed to but it goes against my thought process). It's just sp...

DiVine LIVING TREE walks amongst guests at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

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DiVine or DeVine as some call her roams the lush foliage at Disney's Animal Kingdom. It would be easy to walk by and not notice this beautiful living imagery - but just another reason why should stop and smell the ro...

Finding Nemo at Disney’s Animal Kingdom – Ultimate Pandavision Edition

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Finding Nemo The Musical, filmed at Disney's Animal Kingdom. Based on the hit animated movie, this must-“sea” adventure makes a splash with spectacular music and stunning theatrical puppetry. Filmed and edited with Mu...

Walt Disney World Vacation Planning DVD 2013

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Need a hand at planning your next trip to Walt Disney World then Take a look at the 2013 Walt Disney World Vacation Planning DVD.  What are your favorite parts of Walt Disney World, let us know in the comments below!

Disney Efforts Help to Protect the Golden Lion Tamarin’s Forest Home

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About the size of a squirrel and with a beautiful silky reddish-gold coat, the golden lion tamarin is truly one of nature's wonders. Guests who visit Disney's Animal Kingdom can see this tiny endangered monkey at Rafi...

Olympic Gymnast is Gold at Disney’s Festival of the Lion King Show

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Characters fly through the air - even bar-to-bar - during our Festival of the Lion King shows at Disney's Animal Kingdom. And cast member Joey Hagerty is one of the performers who makes it look so easy. Joey is a 2008...