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This is a BBC behind the scenes showing the viewers how Maddy’s Wolfblood Teeth are made, for the show.  Aimee Kelly plays Maddy in the BBC hit series Wolfblood, now on the Disney Channel! This show is becoming a fast hit on the American market since Disney picked it up for the Disney Channel. Now not only pre-teen and teen in the UK are craving for more Wolfblood, but the American pre-teens and teens and also wanting more of this amazing hit series!

*NOTE: audio is not the greatest quality, lots of echos.

Wolfblood  Maddy Gets Her Fangs - Behind the Scenes

Wolfblood Maddy Gets Her Fangs – Behind the Scenes

The Wolfblood story centers on 14-year-old Maddy, whom is too young to transform, but is starting to develop wolf senses, and knows that she will start soon. The Smiths are said to be one of the oldest families in the area, having lived in the same cottage for centuries. When new boy Rhydian arrives at the local school Maddy recognizes him as a Wolfblood almost immediately, telling him “You smell like my parents”. Rhydian had been raised unhappily in orphanages and foster homes, and had only recently started to change into a wolf. However he had not spoken to another Wolfblood before he met the Smiths, and did not understand what was happening to him. The Smith family claimed him as a distant cousin, and helped him settle in and learn about being a Wolfblood.


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    ronni 5 years ago

    I love wolfblood!!! Its so awesomes i hope they bring season 2 to the disney channel!!!!

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      Wolfblood Season 2 will also be on Disney Channel, It will be aired 1st on its home network CBBC, in the UK. Then Disney Channel will syndicate it to the US

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    serena 5 years ago

    When will season 2wolfblood start on Disney channel

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    cool and sexy